Data Governance

Data Governance & Implications For Your Business

Your data demands and challenges are unique. Your project and teams are unique. Your organization, vision, and culture are unique. Your data governance needs are unique. You deserve more than a one-size-fits-all.

A fixed approach to data governance is not in the best interest of our clients. Therefore, we begin at ground zero with every client. We brainstorm how we can apply our in-depth research and knowledge, expertise and experiences in creative and innovative ways to meet the unique needs of each client.

Like Leggos, where you use the same pieces to build a different model depending on your vision and needs, we build customized data governance solutions for each client. We meet them where they are and systematically build a roadmap that takes them to where they want to be.

Your success will be defined by your relationship with your data. The more intimately you know, trust, use, and secure your data, the greater your chances of long-term success. It is as simple as that and as complex as that!

Below are a few broad areas (a partial list) where we can help.


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  • Define data governance strategy at the corporate, departmental and project levels.
  • Develop tailored data governance charter and policies, processes, standards and metrics
  • Study the impact of strategy on each element of the ecosystem of data governance
  • Assist with establishing appropriate organizational data governance structures
  • Define and deploy Data Governance roles and responsibilities



  • Conduct in-depth Internet research to keep you on the cutting-edge of data governance
  • Assist in creating white papers that deliver a competitive advantage
  • Provide in-depth insights through research and marketing analysis



  • Analyze and assess current state of data governance and the impact of past initiatives
  • Conduct program evaluation against best practices
  • Go beyond the maturity model to develop deeper insights into increasing ROI on data governance.
  • Create and/or Assess Business and Data Governance Processes to maximize efficiency and minimize risk, including governance management, business glossary, metadata, and data quality.
  • Assess ownership, stakeholder, and accountability issues for critical data and data roles and responsibilities.
  • Evaluate current level of adoption and obstacles to adoption

Project Management

Project Management

    • Develop a project plan to implement emerging or existing data governance strategies
    • Address structural, team, and project challenges that derail implementation

Communication & Training

Communication and Training

  • Develop communication protocols and assessment methods for different stakeholders
  • Develop and assess communication protocols and strategies for the Data Governance Council

Risk & Compliance

Risk and Compliance

  • Our comprehensive multi-step Risk Management & Compliance process (RM&C) for data governance at all levels from corporate to departmental will allow an organization to identify and mitigate both known and unknown risks. The outputs of this risk mitigation strategy at the higher level of data governance will result in synergistic effect by providing superior quality of inputs to various core and non-core units. This would allow for emergence of fewer known and higher unknown risks that can then be successfully mitigated for reduced costs, higher productivity and competitive advantage.

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