Technical Consultant & Keynote Speaker
Dr. Uma Gupta and her team deliver cutting-edge research and best practices in data governance, leadership, and organizational change. She is a consultant, keynote speaker, and corporate trainer who delivers lasting results.
Data Governance and Change Management
Data drives your world. Data Governance impacts your survival and success. Dr. Gupta and her team bring two decades of expertise to organizational transformation and change management.
Technology and Leadership
Success lies at the intersection of technology and authentic leadership. Dr. Gupta applies the latest in neuroscience to help organizations and individuals achieve great results.

What Attendees Think

Very good concepts!
~Ray Phillips

Presentation was excellent!
~Brenda Mirabile

Excellent focus on resilience!
~Tom Lawson

Very interactive!
~Jenni Noecker

Motivational Speaker in Florida & Georgia

Dr. Uma Gumpta is a renowned keynote and motivational speaker in Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and other Eastern states.

Technical Consulting

Fresh ideas and strategies to leverage your data.

~Uma Gupta


Your Data Governance Needs Are Unique. We Can Help.

Project Management

Solid Strategies For Seamless Implementation

Excellent job

Excellent job! I think the portion on personal branding should be shared firm wide. I got a lot of good information and insight out of today’s event.
K. Barrett


It was very insightful and reflective. There were many tips and good advice to incorporate in a daily routing, something people don’t go about usually. I liked the way you presented. There is a calming factor about knowing that with some change and good habits, my brain will be okay.

Andrea Alcalde

Beautiful concept

Your presentation provided some surprising thoughts for me to take away. I liked the linking between work and personal and how the methods and habits we employ impact both. The “messy self” was a beautiful concept. Thank you for sharing.
Amy Brawn

Very beneficial

I felt that the presentation was very beneficial. I am at the beginning of my career so that topic of networking is something that I will be using for a long time.
Nicole Cree


It was helpful and informative and enjoyable.  I loved her spirit and approach that “it’s not all about me.”
Nancy Jackson

Very informative

It was excellent.  Wish there was a series of lectures on the information presented.  Speaker was very informative, good forum to meet other women.
Rosie O’Brien

Enjoyed it very much

Enjoyed it very much. Kept me interested and engaged which is not easy task on a Friday morning on a beautiful summer morning. Presentation skills and ability to present without notes demonstrated a deep knowledge of the topics being presented.

Caroly Sutherland

Was Excellent

I thought the presentation was excellent. The structure was helpful in maintaining our attentiveness: standing up before hand, providing written exercises, grouping us in different ways and moving around as a speaker.

Brenda Mirabile

Thank you

Thank you! I took away that “one thing” that will help me. I am sure that others had at least one takeaway that they will apply going forward. Thrive! By the way, nice job working with our group!

Tom Weaver

Very beneficial

I thought your presentation was great! Very interactive!  Great topic to use in all of life’s aspects – very beneficial.  Made us think about “me” professionally and personally!
Jenni Noecker

You spoke so honestly

You spoke so honestly and left an impression of hope and inspiration! Thank you!  You constantly made me think of how useful this would be to my colleagues!


I always feel inspired

This is the second presentation of yours I‘ve been at and I thoroughly enjoyed both of them! You have a great way of presenting that is factual, yet humorous. I always feel inspired to use what I have learned from you and look forward to more opportunities to be at your presentation.

Carol Schmitt


Uma Gupta was outstanding.  Uma was very enlightening & delightful to listen to.


I feel inspired

Excellent! I feel inspired to continue to work upon my personal brand, especially as it relates to my body language and being able to communicate what my values are. I also enjoyed the discussion about the decision making process and what causes us to make bad decisions. Very insightful!
Sam Seouthall


I think your presentation was amazing! I am walking away with a fresh perspective both professionally and personally. I feel like I have a lot of thinking to do. Thank you! I would love to attend one of your longer presentations!


Inspiring ideas

Inspiring ideas and thought-provoking! You did not give tasks that seemed daunting – just ideas to consider! I am grateful to have heard your presentation.

Kristen Reed


Your presentation was very enlightening! I learned so much and will be making changes because of you! Thank you!


Well delivered

Presentation was well delivered as it made the audience really think about the topics and how they pertain to our daily lives, both personally and professionally. Her suggestions and comments regarding networking and making it
about others was helpful. Reminded us to change our mindsets!
Lindsay Batrowny

Great info

Fantastic! Great info on the processes of the brain. Take away: my doubts/insecurities about networking are not unique to me. Everyone has these!

Sandi York


Excellent! Networking exercise was valuable. Great mix of knowledge sharing and interaction. Engaged attendees to participate well. Thank you for sharing your gifts!

Lisa Doerner

Excellent presentation

Excellent presentation!! Thank you for sharing this information that will help improve our life in general.
Vannesa Sheppard

Gave me faith

Your calm presentation with a little humor mixed in was wonderful. You gave me faith to move forward on my self-improvement.



Wow! I am in a transition period, moving from serving as a country legislator to … This was an excellent learning opportunity.



Wonderful presentation! Very captivating and intriguing. All the talking points were relevant and helpful for future use. I feel I am walking away with awesome networking tops and really good advice on myself. I will be home to truly reflect on the conversation.
Kathryn Ritenovr

Very good concepts

Very good concepts to look at yourself and your behavior from another perspective. Identify strengths and build on them. Instill keystone habits in your organization.

Ray Phillips

Very good

Very good! Interesting perspective on how to reflect on oneself. Will definitely use this
on my own time and before a performance review.
Kim Crateman


Very inspiring! True! I always enjoy your presentations and your messages! I am looking forward to the next one!

Kelly Lebrett

Joy & Well-being

Happiness and Well-being - Living with Bits and Bytes

Women's Issues

How to Switch from being a Robot to being Human

Great and informative.. with ideas that I will certainly incorporate in my next networking event!

~Laura Landers, Director

Social Media Addiction

Social Media Addiction and Digital Addiction

Leadership Development

Leadership Development and Team Dynamics in a digital world.

Stepping out of our comfort zone is the shortest path to understanding our inherent power and strength. More than courage, it takes a child-like curiosity and an utter lack of fear of failure.

~ Dr. Uma Gupta

Areas of Focus

  • Leadership

    In the digital world, leadership development and team dynamics play a vital role in productivity, work relationships and the overall success of the company.

  • Happiness and Well-being

    Happiness and well-being are fundamental aspects of being human.  These elements are also critical in the person, team and organization being successful.

  • Social Addiction

    Social media addiction is something we all know is causing our workforce to be less productive.  Let's talk about how to effectively address this issue.

  • Women's Issues

    Women's issues are critical as more women become leaders of corporations, board rooms while still being a wife, mother and friend.

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